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Thursday, May 10th, 2012
Carriage House Inn, ATCO/CUPA Event
"Go with the Flow" Septet Dance Band
Art Lapp, Tricia Edwards, Darcy North, Bill Higbee,
Flo Shustack, Place de Souza and Kenny Shoults.

"Go with the Flow" Little Big Band
At the gig, Wednesday, March 7th, 2012.

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Florence Shustack is proud to introduce you to
her band. Experienced, fun-loving and professional musicians
who are able to handle a vast, varied and versatile repertoire
for weddings, dances, receptions, galas, special events, holidays...
...in fact for all occasions!

Musical choices include big band and boogie, swing, jive and jazz,
standards, latino, tango and continental classics, musical theatre,
contemporary and easy listening favourites. An array of romantic and
wedding ballads, rock and roll, motown, rhythm and blues, country,
novelty and popular dance tunes over the eras.

How about one of the following specialty theme offerings?

Casino/James Bond /Las Vegas Theme
New York New York /Broadway Bound
Ports of Call / Around the World

For that "Special" or "Milestone" Event,
elegant, ambient formal function, themed gala or fundraiser
festive holiday reception, wedding or fun dance party, ask for
"Go With The Flow", adult contemporary and classic dance band.

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"Go with the Flow" Dance Septet
Saturday November 12th 2011 at the Ranchmens Club
Art Lapp, Kenny Shoults, Bruce Petherick, Flo, Placy de Souza,
Bill Higbee and Darcy North.

(Click here to sample audio music clips and view videos)

"Go with the Flow" Sextet at the Carriage House Inn.
Thursday May 12th, 2011
Darcy, Kenny, Art, Flo, Bobby and Bill.

"Thank you once again for the excellent entertainment at our
annual Ladies Night. You and your group are very much
appreciated by all of us." Doug Jacques, R.O.J.
Calgary Golf and Country Club. Friday, November 6th, 2009

From left to right: Bobby Van, Placy de Souza, Arthur Lapp,
Florence Shustack, Peter Hurni, Brian Walley, Darcy North,
Stan Bernbaum and Kenny Shoults.

Sunday, August 2nd 2009, Gutman-Britchkow Wedding

"Can't thank you enough for all you did to make the evening
as special and wonderful as it was."
Linda and Sam Gutman, Parents of the Bride

"Go With The Flow" with Darcy, Bobby, Flo, Kenny and Peter at the
Carriage House Inn, CUPA South Ball

May 7th, 2009

"We highly recommend "Go with the Flow" for dinner/dance events."
Twyla Tobler, President, CU (South) Pensioners' Association


"James Bond" Themed Gala Evening and Fundraiser.
Friday April 24th, 2009 at the Fairmount Palliser Hotel.

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Fronting this band is the seasoned, sultry and sassy
songbird Florence. She has remained a permanent
feature on the regional music scene over the past 30 years,
having worked with many bands and orchestras.

Dynamic and vivacious, Flo's incredible range and vocal stylings
have appealed to audiences of all ages and at all occasions.
Flo's ability to customize and personalize an evening
to suit the client's needs is one of her hallmark strengths.

Add to that a sparkling personality, genuine warmth
and sense of integrity, and backed by some of the
finest musicians in the business, and you've got a
winning combination for your event.

For your next function,
Go With The Flow!

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Bobby, Flo, Darcy, Peter and Kenny at the Carriage House Inn,
Thursday, May 10th, 2007, for an Atco Gas special function.

Ensemble size may vary from Duo, Trios, Quartets,
up to eight piece dance band depending on budget,
 personal preferences and requirements.

The ensemble also known as the "Dixie Knights" (and a Chick!)
Bobby, Les, Peter, Art, Flo, Ed, Hank and Kenny
Friday, April 20th, 2007 at the Westin Hotel, Calgary

Placy de Souza, Flo, Bobby Van, Kenny Shoults and Ed Barlow
keep the party hoppin' and happenin' on November 18th, 2006

with a mixture of jazz and jive, swing, big band and boogie,
rock and roll, rhythm and blues, soul and motown.

At the Ranchmen's Club, November 11th, 2006
Brian Brennan, Art Lapp, Flo, Peter Hurni, Kenny Shoults and Darcy North


Saturday, June 3rd, 2006 at the
Pinebrook Golf and Country Club.
(back) Peter, Art, and Darcy
(front) Flo, Placy, Bobby and Kenny

"Go With The Flow" with Bobby Van, Bill Higbee, Art Lapp,
Flo, Kenny Shoults and Darcy North at the
Calgary Golf and Country Club, October 28th, 2005.

Flo and crew at Caesar's Steak House,
Calgary, Alberta, October 25th, 2003.

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Swoonin', croonin', jumpin' and jivin' at Quincy's, Calgary Alberta,
with special guest Bobby Van on keyboards,
May 2003

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Flo and the Group (alumni et al) Sunday, October 21st, 2001

Contact Flo: (403) 397-6737
Or E-mail:

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