Quote No#1

"Sometimes a medium comes along that acts to perfectly showcase an artist.
Such is the listener's experience in hearing
Alberta's Florence Shustack'srenderings of the
modern Hebrew classic
Erev Shel Shoshanim (Evening of the Roses) and other favourite
Jewish folk-tunes and theatre songs.

As a needle faithfully follows each dip and rise of a vinyl disk's grooves, the song's words
guide and conduct
Flo's voice with spine-tingling results.

A hidden resource, Flo has been active in Calgary's music scene for a very long time.

Like a Phoenix rises from the ashes, this songstress is deserving of being a star on the
and international music scenes."

Israel Lachovsky ( Music Aficionado)

Quote No#2

has amazing talents that should not be missed in her live performance.
I had the good fortune to play behind her for a few tunes recently, when visiting

Calgary from Toronto. I was floored. Flo and her voice are both truely 'one of a kind'
and I am pleased to have been able to experience playing some tunes with her.
Although we had never played together before, we did know some of the same
Klezmer songs.
Away we went.

S.C. Bass Player, Toronto.

Quote No#3

I have worked with Flo for several years now and every gig is a whole new
"Inspirational Happening".
She never ceases to amaze me with her unequalled versatility,
her surprising repertoire, her dynamic range, her amazing stage presence,
her bubbly personality, her mesmerizing style, her driving sound, and beyond that,
she treats her peers and all that she meets with great respect .
She's a real !!!
Flo ( The Voice Of An ), a breath of is a real
blast to work with. There is never a dull moment which makes my job more like fun
rather than work . Do yourself a favor by seeing her entertain or meeting her in person.
Experience the fun.

Ken Sh

Quote No#4

Florence keeps adding to her repertoire every year and her
never-ending talents are of noteworthy.  It was an honour and
privilege having
Florence perform at my wedding almost ten years ago,
and over those ten years, our personal friendship has flourished. 
is devoted to her work, sincere with her words, and passionate about life. 
She  is truly an
asset in any production.
I have worked with Flo in two local shows and I have witnessed professionalism
and expertise with all her proficiencies.   

Marni Labell

Contact Flo at (403) 253-1293 / 397-6737
Or E-mail: