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Classic elegance with SHEER MUSIKA, comprised of
Sonia Shklyarov on violin, Barb Hume on flute/clarinet,
Steve Six on piano and Florence on vocals. Weddings/ceremonies/cocktails/dinners.

Katya Pine on keyboards, Rainer Roth on saxophone,
and Florence on vocals.

Jazz Pop Continental Quartet at the Artspace Gallery
Calgary Alberta
Steve Six on keyboards, Art Lapp on bass
guitar, and Darcy North on accordion,
and Florence on vocals.

Trio, quartet or quintet with accompaniment and
textured jazz-pop fusion instrumentals by special guest
musicians. Featuring the smooth vocal stylings of
songbird Florence in an array of timeless standards,
soulful jazz, sassy swing, breezy ballads and memorable
showtunes. Cocktails/dinners/receptions/galleries
/house-parties/special events.

Contact Flo:
(403) 253-1293 / 397-6737
Or E-mail: florencesinger@shaw.ca