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"Thank you for helping to make this a very special day.
It truly was amazing. We loved your music."

Larry Katz, Organizer of the Centennial Project
House of Jacob Mikveh Israel

October 12th, 2009

"Go with the Flow Dance Band has performed for the
CU (South) Pensioners' Association for the past number of years. They are
very well received by our "young and active" membership. The musicians and Flo,
in particular, are very talented . They are also aware of their audicence
and as a result, adjust their dance music to the audience's preferences.

We highly recommend "Go with the Flow" for dinner/dance events.

Twyla Tobler, President
CU (South) Pensioners' Association

Aug. 31, 2009

"We have watched and listened to Florence Shustack
perform for many years. Recently we've the pleasure to catch her at
Piq Niq (June) and a private party (July 2009). We think her
music is wonderful to listen to but also not intrusive when
enjoying good conversation. She and her group are
fun, current, nostalgic, cultural or whatever you enjoy listening to.
We wouldn't hesitate to ask her to entertain or
provide dancing tunes at larger or smaller events.

Ann and Morris Dancyger,
August 15th, 2009

"Can't thank you enough for all you did to make the evening
as special and wonderful as it was.

Linda and Sam Gutman, Parents of the Bride
August 2nd 2009 Wedding

"We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful performance
by your group and yourself (at our daughter's wedding).
We had so many compliments about the music.
Many people took your card. You made the evening a success!
Your performance, ambience and intimacy with the audience
caused some remarkable things to happen. Thank you a million times
for your contribution to this magic time for his family.
We also had a lot of compliments on having music playing
during cocktails and dinner: Is this unusual? I thought it was
obvious that people should come into a welcoming atmosphere,
which means being met at the door, the bar open, and music!
Wasn’t it great when everyone was dancing between courses at dinner?"

Love from Penny and Jean Worms,
Sunday, October 7th, 2007
Canmore, Alberta

"Just had to write this note to you today after the party last night.
We have often enjoyed your music at many events, but last night
we heard a selection of marvellous songs and styles we've never
had the pleasure of hearing before. We had no idea your
talent covered so much music. You were sensational and,
of course, the band. We danced our socks off and had
an absolutely wonderful time. Thanks so much.
You're fabulous!"

Ronalda and Norm Greensides
July 2nd, 2007

"Absolutely wonderful. Everyone raved about the evening
(50th high school reunion at the Glencoe Club)...You guys
were outstanding. Nobody could believe our good fortune
at having you for a most wonderful evening.
Many many thanks, Flo."

Ron and Dorothy Dooley,
September 17th, 2007

"Regarding your live performance, the music was done with so
much feeling and energy. The enjoyment you feel with this
music came through so clearly. So much passion and
enthusiam. I am sure that the people attending the
concert must feel the spirit all around and inside
themselves. As Abba sang 'thank you for the music'."

Leslie Lutsky, March 2007
Radio Host of CinqFM 102.3 Radio Centre-Ville

"It was evident to me that Flo is genuinely very gracious and
personable – as well as being hugely talented. We couldn’t
have asked for a better person to be performing at our
most cherished event (wedding) on June 3rd.
Honestly, everyone involved was amazing.

Jude Press Thomson
(Go with the Flow Dance Band)

June 27th, 2006

“I would like to thank you for your wonderful performance
at our event on Feb. 23rd, 2006…your duo revealed so
naturally the passion and soul you derive
from the true pleasure of entertaining…perfect mood…
impressed guests and volunteers alike…professional, pleasant,
versatile performance…” (Duo with Bobby Van)

Kristen Kaethler, Program Director,
Kids Up Front Foundation, for “The Ticket Event”.

"Thank you very much for the wonderful music you supplied for
our wedding on February 17th, 2006. All the guests had a great time
and also enjoyed the music. I will be sure to contact you again."

Thank you, Chris Halpin and Norm Althouse
(Peter Hurni Quartet)

"The Mount Royal Hotel in Banff has been requesting
The Peter Hurni Trio (Peter, Flo and Bobby) for the past two years,
to perform for a very special international group
we accommodate every year in December. As we have been receiving
excellent feedback from our guests regardingthe quality of music
and variety of styles, we have asked them to provide
services once again this coming year. Thank you for your support and for
providing us with such a quality of service. We look forward to that
date and to see our guests enjoying such a good time at our hotel.

Alex Sousa, Front Office Manager,
Mount Royal Hotel,
April 20th, 2006.

"Once again thank-you for all the incredible music Saturday evening"
(…at the Jubilee Auditorium for
Calgary Homebuilders Association Gala Fundraiser)

"What a talented group you are - The Peter Hurni Quartet -
and how lucky we were to have you with us Saturday.”

Barb Gillespie, “Happenings”
Special Events Coordinator,
October 2005

"I am happy to say that I recently hired the Peter Hurni Ensemble to play
for the Calgary International Language Foundation’s 5th annual fundraiser,
Streets of Paris on April 23, 2005 at SAIT’s Heart Atrium.  This event
was attended by 350 people.  Peter and his group were wonderful to work with,
they arrived on time, were very professional and most importantly entertained our
guests with beautiful music and vocals by Flo Shustack.  Several of our guests
commented directly to me how much they enjoyed the music."

"Thank you to the Peter Hurni Ensemble for helping to make our event
an overall success.  I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Patti Callow, Chairperson, Streets of Paris

Calgary International Language Foundation 

May 3rd, 2005


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Provincial Marriage Commissioner,
Speaker, Author, Seminar Presenter
OCTOBER 3rd, 2004

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OCTOBER 3rd, 2004
"Two weeks ago I had the privilege to attend two functions where
Florence Shustack and her group of professional musicians entertained.  
I have heard Florence before and loved her voice, her music and her groups.
She reaches new heights every year. The richness of her voice,
her vocal range and the passion that she conveys are truly awesome.
has soul. The selections chosen seemed perfect for both
very different occasions. Guests participated by dancing,
applauding and singing along.  I would happily recommend Florence
and her group to entertain at your event.
They really get the place rocking."


Renee Bogoch   September 6, 2004
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"Sometimes a medium comes along that acts to perfectly showcase
an artist. Such is the listener's experience in hearing

Alberta's Florence Shustack's
renderings of the modern Hebrew classic

Erev Shel Shoshanim (Evening of the Roses) and other favorite
Jewish folk-tunes and theatre songs."

"As a needle faithfully follows each dip and rise of a vinyl disk's grooves,
the song's words guide and conduct
Flo's voice with spine-tingling results."

"A hidden resource, Flo has been active in Calgary's music scene
for a very long time."

"Like a Phoenix rises from the ashes, this songstress is deserving of being
a star on the
Canadian and international music scenes."

Israel Lachovsky ( Music Aficionado)
Calgary, Alberta
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"Florence has amazing talents that should not be missed in her live
performance. I had the good fortune to play behind her for a few tunes
recently, when visiting
Calgary from Toronto. I was floored. Flo and her
voice are both truly 'one of a kind' and I am pleased to have been able to
experience playing some tunes with her. Although we had never played
together before, we did know some of the same
Klezmer songs.
Away we went.

Steven Cope Bass Player
Toronto Ontario
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"I have worked with
Flo for several years now and every gig is a whole new
"Inspirational Happening".
She never ceases to amaze me
with her unequalled versatility, her surprising repertoire, her dynamic
range, her amazing stage presence, her bubbly personality,
her mesmerizing style, her driving sound, and beyond that,
she treats her peers and all that she meets with great
respect .  She's a real !!!
Flo ( The Voice Of An ), a breath of
is a real blast to work with. There is never a dull moment which
makes my job more like fun rather than work .
Do yourself a favor by seeing her entertain or meeting her in person.
Experience the fun."

Ken Shoults  Multi Instrumentalist
Calgary, Alberta
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"Florence keeps adding to her repertoire every year and her
never-ending talents are of noteworthy.  It was an honour and
privilege having
Florence perform at my wedding almost ten years ago,
and over those ten years, our personal friendship has flourished. 
is devoted to her work, sincere with her words, and
passionate about life.  She  is truly an
asset in any production.
I have worked with Flo in two local shows and I have witnessed
professionalism and expertise with all her proficiencies.  

arni Labell  Playwright / Director

"The Magical Mitzvah Tour" 2001, "Ladies Who Lunch" 2003

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"Just wanted to say thank you for being part of our fundraiser .
You and your band were spectacular. I hope we can do something again
in the future . It is people like you that make a difference. Thanks again
for making the event a success."

Peggy Urlacher, Committee Chair
Around the World Photo Exhibition and Gala, 2003
For the Love of Children Society of Alberta
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"I have never performed with anyone who is so much fun to be with on stage
--- always energetic --- always that smile --- striving for excellence ---
motivating her stage mates to overcome whatever challenge the present
performing venue offers --- never down, never out ---
Thanks Flo for always making me laugh and smile !!!!"

"Just come out and see her show wether it be Take The Oy Train
Klezmer Ensemble, with other well-known musical artists, or with
local stage groups. A Definite Ten out of Ten !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Art Lapp  bass guitar / tuba
Calgary, Alberta

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"I have worked with the fabulous Flo in the earliest incarnation of
DynaFlow. What impressed me about her immediately were her
boundless energy, commitment, enthusiasm and excellent work ethic.
She introduced and taught Klezmer music to the whole band and we
were pulled it off successfully. I have used this experience since in
another music production.
Onstage she puts all the fun and seriousness
required to make it a memorable evening. I still have tapes where
she engages friendly banter with the audience and band members to put
the flow into performance in a very un-“diva”like manner.
A true professional in every aspect of the word.
Go, girl go!

Placy De Souza  guitar/harmonica
Calgary, Alberta
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"It is a pleasure for me to recommend Flo and her ensemble. 
Their performance is among the happiest memories of my wedding day
in August 2001.  Flo met with me and my fiancee twice
in the weeks before our wedding, and maintained regular contact
to be certain that the performance and musical selections would meet our
expectations.  The ensemble's varied song list allowed us to choose a
variety of klezmer, traditional and popular pieces to suit our
Jewish-Norwegian-Scottish families and friends.  Based on our
description of the ceremony, our expectations of the music,
and on her appreciation of our tastes and sense of humour,
Flo made wonderful suggestions of songs and musical pieces. 
The ensemble researched and learned songs beyond their
repertoire to suit our tastes.  The musicians' talents,
good will and obvious love of their work helped make
our celebration truly joyous.  I have no
hesitation in recommending them."

Harry M. Sanders Historical Consultant / Freelance Writer
Calgary, Alberta
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" For the past 22 years, I have been acquainted with vocalist Florence Shustack. 
I have worked with Flo in a variety of contexts and in collaboration
with many Calgary bands and orchestras at various social functions and events. 
Flo is a superb singer and talented performer with an extensive repertoire. 
Her input and guidance in things musical is always welcome during
the planning phase of many of my clients' events.  Flo is extremely reliable
and personable, attending to every detail in the planning, provision and
orchestration of an event's musical needs.  Flo's ability to
customize the size of a band or ensemble for any event has proven invaluable. 
She also readily accomodates special requests including song selection
and this flexibility is another desirable facet in Flo's expertise. 
I am pleased to recommend and be a reference for
Florence Shustack and her team of musicians."

Debbie L. Krygier
Event Consultant and Coordinator Creative Planning and Decorating
Calgary, Alberta
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"On June 2nd, 2002, Florence and her band were hired
to play at my wedding.  Florence was briefed in a very short period of time
and asked to play a line-up of Western-style Klezmer along
with numerous other genres of music.  She and her band did
an outstanding job.  They were prompt, quick to set up,
their sound was incredible and had a huge repertoire of
music to play from.  Within minutes of playing, they had the
entire wedding dancing.  Florence has an unbelievable beautiful
voice and would be a welcome addition to any event."

Eva Preger-Jurisic Executive Producer Industry Films
Toronto, Ontario
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"I had the pleasure of being at a wedding recently at which
Florence Shustack and  her professional group of musicians entertained. 
I have known Florence for many years and her talent
never ceases to amaze me.  I have watchedas she has captured the attention
of an entire room with a voice that is truly unforgettable.  Her versatility
and repertoire work in so many settings.  She can move you to tears
performing a ballad as well as having everyone
rocking and rolling. Calgary is lucky to have such
a gem in our midst.

Carolyn Libin  September 7, 2004
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Contact Flo: (403) 397-6737
Or E-mail:

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